Our Engagement Story

the style stories engagement picture

So, as you might have seen over on my social media, I have some news – I got engaged! I shared some details of the event over on my Instagram, but kept it quite brief at the time, so I thought that now the dust has settled and we’re feeling (relatively) back to normal, I would share the story of how it actually all happened...

I knew we were going on a surprise trip for our eighth anniversary at the end of December, but I had no clue as to where we would be going. Our anniversary sits between Christmas and New Year, so I was just looking forward to escaping for a few days away, somewhere cosy and romantic. I felt certain that we were probably heading to a lodge or a cottage somewhere in Scotland, so I was caught by surprise (to say the least) when Lewis told me on Christmas night that we were actually going to my favourite city – Paris.

And so, the morning after Boxing Day, we headed off to the airport and a few hours later, we were on the streets of Saint-Germain, heading to the prettiest little hotel, tucked away from the main streets. They upgraded us to a beautiful room and presented us with some wine to get our trip started - it was a lovely way to start our mini holiday.

We spent that evening strolling around, going to see the Christmas tree at Galeries Lafayette and viewing the Eiffel Tower all lit up from their roof terrace – at which point, I burst into tears because I was just so happy. Funny to think now that this wasn’t even the best bit of our trip…

We went for dinner and continued our wander around the city. Everywhere was covered in Christmas lights, and I have never had a more gorgeous evening, strolling the streets of Paris in the twinkly light and the drizzling rain, hand in hand and so deliriously happy. Little did I know what the next day had in store…

The next morning was our eighth anniversary, and it was the sunniest, brightest, most beautiful day. We took a slow walk along the Seine, and then went to the Jardin des Tuileries, which we always love visiting and we have very fond memories of. As it was such a gorgeous day, we decided to be total tourists and jump on the famous Ferris wheel at the foot of the gardens, to take in the view, and after that, we took a stroll down towards the Pont Alexander bridge, and over in the direction of the Champ de Mars, where there was a Christmas market and of course, the Eiffel Tower – perfect picture opportunities, I thought.

When we arrived at the Eiffel Tower, the whole area was buzzing; the queues for the Tower itself were longer than I have ever seen them, and the festive market was incredibly busy too. We quickly decided that it was all a bit much, and headed further down into the Champ de Mars, where things were much, much quieter.

We went for a walk around the gardens, which is where I thought for a brief moment that Lewis was being quite strange; we circled around a fair bit, but I just thought he was having a wander, looking for a good photo opportunity, something like that. He made for a bench with a view of the Tower, and we sat down “to have a rest”.

Snuggled up on that bench, gazing at the Tower and with just the two of us around - that was when he asked me, and it was perfect.

And then I had a little weep, and we took the most precious photos we’ve ever taken. It was a perfect moment – it felt like the two of us were the only people in the world. I will never forget that feeling.

The rest of that afternoon was a blur. We went for lunch, and we walked around the city for a while, just talking and dreaming and planning, before we hopped on the Metro to head over to Montmartre, in search of a rooftop bar Lewis had read about. It was the perfect place to celebrate our engagement; a very cool outdoors bar, filled with hipster Parisians, with the most perfect view of the skyline while the sun was setting. We had a couple of cocktails to toast and spent a few hours talking about how we might tell people and the wedding itself. We had to tear ourselves away in the end, but it was time to get back over to Saint Germain for our dinner reservations. 

Once dinner was done, we had a choice – more cocktails in a bar somewhere, or champagne back at the hotel. We opted for the latter, and it was just the most ‘us’ way to finish such a special day, cosy and quiet and beautiful, just the two of us, just the way we like it. 

We had the whole day to ourselves where it was the biggest secret, and we got to keep it that way until the next evening, when we phoned our families and friends to tell them our happy news and bring them into our little bubble too. Nobody even knew we'd been in Paris, so it was a huge surprise to everybody when we got back!

And so that's the tale of how we got engaged in Paris - the best story I'll probably ever tell anybody.

Ever since then, things have been just wonderful; our friend and families are overjoyed and they've been so generous and kind - it's just so gorgeous to be reminded of how loved you are by those who matter the most. We are so grateful for every card and gift and message and Instagram comment, and I am very excited to start sharing some of the details of our wedding with you all in the weeks and months to come!