Planning Our Wedding


Seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought I might take the opportunity to get a little romantic up in here! As you’ll know, I got engaged at the end of December, and six/seven weeks in, we’re really throwing ourselves headlong into the world of weddings.

It honestly is such an overwhelming experience. I’ve never been happier in the last month or so since it all happened; I keep reliving the day in my head (more on it here if you want to read the story for yourself!) and bursting into happy tears at inopportune moments. I’m just so, so excited to be making things official with my very best friend, and starting a whole new chapter of our lives together - one with the same initials, natch.  

Although I’d thought about what I might want for my wedding day in the past, I’d never really set my heart on anything in particular, and now that there are decisions to be made, it’s dawned on me just how much there is to plan and organise (and pay for – sob!). Some days, I just love the thought of a big day, filled with the people we love. Other days, I just want to run off and have the wedding, just the two of us. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, I can tell you that for free.

We haven’t yet set a date for the wedding itself, although that’s not for the want of trying. We really want to lock down a date in the next few weeks so that we can relax, enjoy the planning process and just enjoy being engaged. I think the problem is that both of us are surprisingly laidback about it all (I am shocked at my own chill, I can’t lie) and we’re also fairly indecisive about what we want.

We just know that we want to get married next year, and after a lot of dithering and going to and fro with ideas, we’re leaning towards a city-based wedding. No barns and farmyards, no beaches and bikinis – something cool and contemporary, but still glamorous; that would sum us up perfectly. We have a few loose ideas about how things would look, but without a venue, it’s all still very up in the air. Neither of us are particularly bothered on the finer details – we just want a lovely day, and really, we just want to be married. We want to make sure that we never lose sight of this: at the end of the day, our being married is the only part that really matters.

For us, the ceremony is the most important part and it's this that is making the venue hunt tricky - there are lots of places that would make a fantastic reception venue, but we haven't seen anything in person yet that feels like the right place for us to say our vows. Hopefully soon we will find somewhere that feels like the perfect place for us to start this new part of our lives together.

In other news, I kind of know what I’d like in a dress – and I’m not entirely sure that it will be coming from a bridal boutique. I just can’t see myself in anything traditionally bridal, and I definitely don’t want anything that’s going to make me feel like I’m playing fancy-dress. I just want to feel like myself, in a cool dress. And I also want to cry a little at the thought of how much a traditional wedding dress costs (to wear once! What is this madness?!) so I’m feeling super grateful that there’s so many options online and on the high street now too.

Wedding planning (or daydreaming, seeing as we’ve not set anything in place yet!) is really quite the emotional experience. Our family and friends are scattered all over the UK, so it’s just going to be Lewis and I planning it all – which I’m totally fine with, I hate the idea of burdening anyone else with things to organise for us – but it makes things a little tricky, in terms of celebrating, and making a big deal out of every step. I’m hoping we can organise an engagement party sometime in the future to get everybody together and make a big deal out of this amazing part of our lives, but I’m also all too aware that it’s a huge ask to get everybody all in the same place to celebrate with us. It’s something that’s gotten me a little down, as I see other people having multiple celebrations and a lot of fuss, and we haven’t really had a chance to have that - but I’m focusing on the positives, and we’re celebrating enough for everyone, just the two of us!

It really is so incredibly exciting, I just feel like I could burst with it all. Yes, there’s days when people ask too many questions, or make suggestions that you could do without, or tell you that your ideas aren’t really part of a wedding – but I’m learning to shrug it off. People are all different, and so are their ideas of what a wedding is or isn’t, but other opinions are irrelevant. What matters is us planning a day full of memories we’ll always look back on, and enjoying the planning process too (fuelled by cake and champagne, of course). What I really want at the end of it all is just to be married to my dream guy, and to have had the most beautiful time, whatever we end up doing. This is just such a happy time for us, and I’ve never felt more settled. I can’t wait to be a Mrs!