Planning Our Wedding: Four(ish) Months to Go!


Well, where did that time go? With 20 weeks to go to the wedding (but who’s counting?), things are really picking up the pace at the Mearns Wedding HQ. It’s been a busy couple of months since my last update, but with so much loveliness going on, I just thought I had to share it with you - along with some solid-gold recommendations that we’ve picked up along the way for any fellow brides/grooms-to-be reading this...

Groom’s Outfit
I think it’s fair to say that it took a lot longer for Lewis to settle on his perfect wedding outfit than it did for me. As I’ve written about before, I fell in love with my dress on Instagram, realised that a friend’s boutique five minutes from my flat was the only place to stock it, and the rest was history - it really was that easy. Meanwhile, Lewis had been going back and forth on what he wanted to wear on our wedding day for months, with lots of options available - but then he saw just the right thing and that was that. In February he had his first fittings, and then we could start thinking about the perfect accessories to finish off the look, which is where another potential sartorial dilemma came into play.

Lewis really cares about the finer details, in everything really, but nowhere more so than with shoes. He’s always been the same, even the slightest not-quite-right element means he won’t buy them, so we both knew that finding his dream wedding shoes might have the potential to be tricky, to say the least.

We were correct about that; with every pair of shoes he tried on, something was wrong. The detailing, the shape of the toe, the sole, the thickness of the heel… and then, during a mammoth research session online, he found the perfect pair, from Loake - a very special place to find such a special pair of shoes, as it turns out. After finding them online, we were invited into the Edinburgh Loake store on Frederick Street, and had such a lovely experience that I wanted to share it with you too.

For background, we were really hoping for a levelled-up experience. Although Lewis’s outfit fittings were pleasant enough, we never got the feeling from the staff that they were acknowledging that he was buying the most important outfit he’ll ever wear (not least the most expensive). I felt pretty bad about that; as the bride, the shop is locked down, exclusive to you, the prosecco is pouring and your every whim is accommodated, but there’s no such luxury in place for the grooms, or so it seemed.

Happily, that was not the case at Loake, and the impeccable service we received there more than made up for other experiences elsewhere that had been sadly lacking. From the second we walked through the door, greeted warmly and every request catered for, it was clear that the only focus was on making sure Lewis found his perfect pair of shoes. The staff asked us lots of questions about his outfit, the colours, the venue, and presented us with wine and beer whilst we perused the racks of their unbelievably beautiful, shiny shoes. Lewis explained his outfit choice to the staff, and instantly they produced the pair Lewis had been hovering over online, which were even better in real life - the beautiful Ghillie Brogues, in case you were wondering.

The measurement process was really thorough, making sure that the shoes would fit like they were made for Lewis, and the team guided us throughout - they were so helpful and friendly, and made us feel very welcome. They were excited to find Lewis his wedding shoes, and spent a lot of time asking us about the wedding, the vibe of the day and the kind of look we are going for, which all helped to make his decision on the shoes even easier. The team talked Lewis through the correct way to fasten the laces, the maintenance required to keep them looking shop-shiny and fresh for as long as possible, and they even took photos for us so that we can remember the experience (I have photos from literally every aspect of wedding planning, I’m so glad to have these included!). We left the shop feeling so informed and but so well looked after, so special - all in the surroundings of a pristine boutique, it really was the next level experience we were hoping it would be.

And of course, the shoes themselves are pretty special, with every tiny detail being just right. I’m so delighted that Lewis has his perfect shoes for our wedding, that will take his look to the next step and of course, be worn and treasured for years and years to come. If you’re considering what your other half is going to wear for your wedding or another special occasion, I’d highly recommend heading into Loake - you absolutely won’t regret it.

Bride’s Accessories
My dress was sorted a long time ago now, but the fittings are due to begin any week now, which is very exciting - cue a new gym membership and a definite reduction in my chocolate intake (on most days, anyway).

It's hard to tell you anything solid about my outfit without revealing details that I'd rather be a surprise for the big day, but I can say that I've spent the past few weeks working on sourcing the perfect accessories to complement the dress. I had a wobble about the height of my shoes and so decided that I would need to order new ones, which should be on their way any day now, and I’m having a consultation about veil options at the moment, which is also super exciting. I found the most beautiful clutch bag that I can take on honeymoon with us, and a hair accessory that I’m excited to experiment with at my upcoming hair/makeup trial (but more on that in a moment).

I do still need to decide on my jewellery, as I’m a bit torn on the kind of thing I want to have, and whether I can afford to invest in something special or just go with something from the high street. I also need to consider the ‘something old, new, borrowed and blue’, which again I haven’t really given an awful lot of thought to at this point in time…But I still have a while to decide, so I’m just spending my spare time researching the options to try and find those finishing touches, hopefully I’ll stumble across the perfect things soon!

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
We have nine members of our bridal party (not including us) who are our closest friends and family, so this part of our wedding has felt really special from the beginning. I love having our closest friends being such a big part of our day! It’s also been pretty easy to get them all ready for the wedding too; Lewis took the boys to the kilt shop a few weeks back and got them fitted up for their own outfits, which I’m told are looking very snazzy indeed, so that’s a huge weight off my mind to have those booked in and ready to collect the day before the wedding.

The girls’ dresses have had a little rethink very recently, as I decided to add a fourth bridesmaid to my tribe and subsequently discovered that the original dress purchased for the other three had sold out and been discontinued to boot. I spent a few weeks considering the options before deciding to make some changes, and I actually prefer the finished look, with two of the original dresses and two gorgeous new ones thrown in. The overall look is more relaxed now, more boho-glam which is what I was going for in the first instance. The girls are all coming here at the end of May for a catch-up and a day of fittings, which I am so looking forward to, I can’t wait to see them all in their dresses!

In incredibly exciting news, the first set of invitations has now gone out to our day guests! Such a huge moment in the realm of wedding planning, that first RSVP pinged into my inbox and I just got so hyped up, we had a guest! The RSVPs are now trickling in and it’s so lovely to give everyone a little bit more of an insight into our wedding day. We’ve kept a lot of things secret and to ourselves, so lots of people don’t know about lots of the elements, but the invitations and the wedding website hint at it all a little more; it’s so surreal but so brilliant to hear how excited people are for our big day, and knowing that they will be there to share in it with us is beyond words.

Hair and Beauty
As I mentioned above, I have a hair and makeup trial booked in next weekend and I’m really looking forward to that. I enjoyed the test run I did at Bobbi Brown, but knowing that this will be with my actual hairdresser/MUA who’ll be there, getting me ready on the day, makes it all feel really real. I’m using the gorgeous Gosia, who has lots of bridal experience from working on the catwalks for the Scottish Wedding Show, and who specialises in super-fresh, glowy, radiant makeup, which I and my bridesmaids adore. We swapped moodboards months ago now, so it will be so helpful to put them into practice and test out a few hair and makeup looks ready for the wedding. On her instruction, I’m also going on on a friend’s birthday night out immediately after, to put it all to the test - can you possibly think of a better excuse for a night of cocktails and dancing?!

So that’s where we’re at in the world of wedding plans currently, I’ll be updating again soon but do remember to keep checking in on my more in-depth updates on Braw Brides!