Planning Our Wedding: Six Months On

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How, how, HOW has it been six months since we got engaged?!

2018 has flown by in a twinkly blur so far, but we've really managed to get things locked down in this whole wedding planning business. I'm pretty (no-no-) notorious when it comes to being organised anyway, and thanks to working in events, I've got a fair bit of experience in the logistics side of things - but it's a whole different ball game when it's your own wedding and everything is suddenly so personal.

So here's where we're at so far - I'm going to gloss over the details a little, as I'm blogging the whole planning experience over on Braw Brides as their resident 'Blogging Bride' in much more detail, and I really think you should check those posts out too - you can find them all here.

Venue - The venue is booked! If you've read my Blogging Bride series, you'll know that we searched for about three months for a venue, viewing around five or six in total and discounting literally hundreds online. But the last place we went to see just seemed to tick all the boxes - even though it was (and likely still is) a bit of a building site. It opens this autumn, so there's a whole year of it being up and running prior to our big day (thankfully, my nerves couldn't take it otherwise!) and we're pencilled in to go and take another look once it's ready to launch in September. I've been privy to their moodboards, design concepts and architects' ideas, so I'm very excited to see the finished result as the ideas alone look dreamy...

Photographer/Videographer - Thankfully, these are booked too. Photography was very, very important to both us (especially Lewis!) and we really wanted to be sure that we could find someone who would create beautiful, natural images that we will love forever. And find her we did - and I am so glad, every time she posts a new wedding on Instagram I turn into the heart-eyes emoji. I can't wait to see how she'll capture our day. Videography was also important to me, as I really loved the idea of us being able to relive our wedding day on anniversaries and special days (or just Thursdays when you've had a shit day and need a boost!), and also to experience all the moments that went on whilst we were off doing other things. So I tracked down a videography company whose portfolio I just love, and I know they're going to make an absolutely beautiful film for us to love forever; their style is gorgeous and an old friend used them a few years ago, so I just know that our video is going to be gorgeous.

The Food - It's a small world, the wedding industry in Scotland. I found our wedding venue initially through Instagram, and then kind of wrote it off and forgot about it. And then we went to a wedding fair in March, and met the loveliest team of caterers with delicious samples and lots of info - who told us they were going to said venue the next day, to discuss being their official caterers. It reminded me to go and have a look, and so we did - and they've ended up being our caterers too (we would have likely chosen them anyway, they really were so lovely!). We met with them earlier this month for an initial consultation and can't wait to really get stuck into ideas and plans nearer the time. Food wasn't something we were giving much thought to, early on in the process, but after meeting the team we're feeling so inspired by their ideas and so excited about how beautiful it's all going to look, and of course, how wonderful it's all going to taste!

The Celebrant - We've decided to opt for a Humanist ceremony, as it feels the most appropriate for us; we just loved the idea of writing our own vows, having a truly bespoke ceremony and being able to include our loved ones as part of it too. So earlier this month, we decided that we should probably look into getting a celebrant sorted, as otherwise we were just planning a big party, not a wedding! We trawled through the directory of celebrants for a while, scouring the profiles to see if anyone leapt out at us, and then one of them did (and I realised I was following her on Instagram already). Everything seemed to match up and we met her earlier this month, where we just knew we wanted her to marry us. Sadly we have to wait until about this time next year to get started on our vows and writing the ceremony, but when the time comes I know she is going to help us create something really memorable and magical to cherish.

The Dress - Yep. I accidentally found my wedding dress. I wrote about this in my May Highlights post briefly, but basically - I knew the shop I was going to visit, and I just knew I would find my dress in there. I had an idea in mind of the kind of style that I might like, and then I saw 'The One' on Instagram (recurring theme - that's how we found the venue, photographer, celebrant, various wedding fairs and probably lots more to come... #millennialbride) and absolutely loved it. So I went on an early 'research trip' with two of my bridesmaids to try it on, and luckily the lovely boutique owner made me try on about ten other dresses too, so that I would have a point of comparison. I know it's super early, but I really didn't intend to have it sorted so soon - I just booked an appointment to get an idea of what would suit me, so I didn't lose my heart to a daydream and then realise months down the line that it didn't actually look any good on me. But thankfully, the one I wanted looked even better than I hoped it would; there were some tears but mostly lots of smiles, and I wasn't able to stop thinking about it. So I went back with bridesmaid no.3 and there were even more tears and smiles, and a little dancing around the shop too. It's definitely a little over budget and I'm having to make some compromises elsewhere to be able to afford it, but as my mum wisely said: "You've paid so much for the photographer, you'll want to love the way you look in the pictures". And in that dress, I really do. Now I just have to sit tight for a year (A YEAR!) until fittings begin...

The Shoes - Yep, that's done as well. Is there anything left to plan? I have ceremony shoes and dancing shoes, and miraculously spent less than £30 on the pair - so in my head I feel much less guilty about going a little over budget on the dress. I love them both and they're both going to look so cool with my dress; they're definitely not your traditional white-satin-and-diamante affair but they're so beautiful and so me, and I love that I'll be able to wear them again after the wedding too. I might not be able to wear The Dress out and about (although I'll definitely be wearing it around the house!) but at least I can wear my beautiful shoes whenever I fancy.

So that's it for the time being - it's been a busy six months but now we have the 'big stuff' sorted, we're hoping to just relax and enjoy the summer, and pick things back up again in September when the year countdown officially begins...