Planning Our Wedding: Six Months To Go!

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This time last year, in April 2018, I felt like this time would never come. The idea of our wedding feeling close was wild; we were tentatively settled on our date, and were weighing up the options between our two final-choice venues, so absolutely nothing was set in stone, at all. It was a scary time, we were desperate not to make any wrong decisions, but it was also so incredibly exciting.

But of course, that’s not how the world works - and here we are, with less than six months to go and pretty much a fully-formed wedding hurtling towards us. I wouldn’t say that it’s been the easiest process, or as smooth and worry-free as I’d always imagined planning our wedding would be, but it is what it is, and we’ve made the best of it as much as we can. I think we went into planning our wedding quite naively, thinking that it would all be easy-breezy, no questions asked, but it doesn’t always work that way, which we have learned over the past few months. Nevertheless, we’re happy with our decisions and our plans, and we’re really looking forward to these last few months before the wedding (although it feels quite sad to say we’ve only got a few months left of being engaged - I’ve loved being a fiancee!).

Planning, at this stage, feels really real now. It’s no longer about ‘maybes’, ‘what ifs’ and ‘could do’s’ - we have to make decisions now and stick to them. Which neither of us would say is our strong suit! However we are both experienced in planning events through our jobs, I’m known for my hyper organisation skills and Lewis is a dab hand with a spreadsheet or twelve, so we’re ticking off the tasks using monthly wall charts to keep us on track. Pros: it means you have set dates to complete tasks by and it’s keeping us on track, with the aim of limiting stress nearer the time of the wedding. Cons: there’s literally no escape from the wedmin, as it’s tacked up on our wall as a daily reminder of what’s still to be done. But it’s the best way for us to stay on track and get things done!

So here’s where we’re at, with less than six months to go until the big day…

Still the biggest worry of the wedding, our confidence in our choice has wobbled a few times over the past few months, I can’t lie. However, the first-ever wedding at The Engine Works happens in less than a month, so (fingers firmly crossed) everything should be up, running and as we hoped by then. We’re planning to visit in the early summer to meet with our wedding coordinator and start making final decisions on the day, and we’re really looking forward to seeing the finished venue.

We bought our rings in March, after deciding which ones we wanted back in November. We bought them from a local jeweller in Edinburgh (luckily the ones we loved were from the same jeweller), and decided to go for it, to tick a major thing off the list! I love how mine looks alongside my engagement ring, and Lewis can’t wait to wear his full time. We picked them up from the jeweller and then headed to The Register Club for celebratory cocktails, the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

We struggled to find a baker that we could afford, to be honest. After being quoted £600 for a naked cake to feed 50 people (yes, really), we were wondering whether we could have a cake at all. Then I researched some more and found an amazing indie baker just outside of Glasgow, who we bonded with straightaway, whose ideas and flavours made us excited, and whose prices we could afford. After a cake tasting afternoon (absolutely one of the best bits of planning so far), we selected our flavours and honed in on our design, and now it’s all booked. I can’t wait to eat it again on the wedding day - I hope someone remembers to save me a slice!

My outfit has been chosen for months, of course, but I’ve been busy choosing some accessories for the finished full look. I have my shoes, and a bag, but there’s still jewellery, hair accessories, lingerie and the classic old, new, borrowed and blue to choose too. I do have a look in mind for the finished effect but I’m struggling to find the pieces to tick the boxes that are also budget-friendly, so it’s a work in progress.

I bought my bridesmaids’ dresses in the January sales are lusting after them for weeks, so when they crept closer to the budget I snapped them up. The girls are wearing their own shoes, and I bought them matching clutches when I asked them to be bridesmaids, so the only thing for them now is to have the dresses altered to fit perfectly. Thankfully, one of my bridesmaids’ mums is a total angel who offered to do the alterations for me, so I’m having a big girls’ day in May when they can all come over and try them on again, and get pinned into place before they get shipped up the road to be sewn and made totally perfect.

Lewis is also settled on his outfit, and what his groomsmen will be wearing, so he’s heading into the store at the end of April for a proper fitting and to get the boys’ outfits ordered and confirmed. Like me, he has the bulk of his look sorted but it’s just the finishing touches to confirm, but neither of us are worried - one way or another we’ll have to make decisions soon!

Now this is exciting! We have handed over the reins to our best girls and boys and let them loose on planning our big weekends. I’m having a girls’ weekend in July, which I can’t wait for, and Lewis heads off on his stag in August, so we have plenty of time to recover and recuperate before the big day! I can’t wait to see what my girls have planned, and I’m looking forward to seeing what state my love comes home in too…

It’s a work in progress! We’re planning to send invitations fairly soon so we’re just pulling together the last details and a final guestlist before we take the plunge and pop them in the postbox. Plans are to send them to the printers soon (once I’ve sourced envelopes too), and get them out to our guests with plenty of time for them to book hotels and transport without worry or stress. Designing our own stationery has been really rewarding and fulfilling, but it does mean that you’re also hyper-aware of every detail and it’s very easy to flim-flam between ideas, in a way that we probably wouldn’t be able to do if we were bound to a set template or a limited number of changes. But we’re really happy with our work so far and I’m excited to get them out to our guests!

I’m planning an mini monthly update as we go, so stick around, and be sure to check out my monthly wedding blog over on Braw Brides for more in-depth regular wedding updates.