how long have you been in edinburgh?

I moved to Edinburgh in September 2016, and have very quickly made myself at home here!

how long have you been blogging?

I created my first blog back in 2007. Yes I know, I should be Zoella by now. But years of being too shy to share held me back somewhat. Not any more ladies!

how did you get into pr?

My degree is in Commercial Music (First Class, natch) and I got into PR after doing various internships at fashion magazines, beauty websites and even wedding magazines and local newspapers in Glasgow. I mentioned to a lecturer on my graduation day that I thought I wanted to work in fashion, and he put me in touch with a friend in the field. When she let me know her agency had a vacancy, I went for it and the rest is history!


why did you leave london?

London is fabulous, and as my hometown, I'll always love it. What I don't love is the mundanity, the minutiae of daily life there: the expensive, stressful commute, the nose-to-the-grind working culture, the endless queues for everything, never being able to get anywhere fast... and did I mention it was expensive? It's almost impossible to live a stylish, fulfilled life in London when you're in your early/mid-twenties. There are so many other cities to enjoy! 

what camera do you use?

Mostly I use a Canon EOS 60D, but I find that the snaps from my Samsung Galaxy S7 are seriously good too.

where is that accent from?!

South London, believe it or not! I moved to Aberdeenshire when I was 15 and the broad accent of my new friends there gradually wore down my original accent. After a few years in Glasgow it had gone seriously awry, but a couple of years back in London seems to have ironed things out again. Although some words still come out with a vaguely Australian twang...